Well, what can we really put here other than what we are.

We are Tyler and Stan, two crazy folk from the Midwest, USA who have had some fairly unbelievable experiences in life.  We’re also storytellers, of a sort.  The problem is that when we start telling stories we usually end up going tangent a thousand times over to the point where we forget what the original story we were telling was.

Then Stan decided that after he graduated from his university that he was going to start compiling all of these stories in a way that made sense.  Tyler very quickly pointed out that there is something lost when our storytelling is put on paper.  It no longer is nearly as vibrant as when it’s told audibly.

So with a spring in our step, and a song in our hearts, (and a pair of really cheap microphone headsets and freeware recording software) we set out with the task of making this thing a reality.  In short it’s a podcast about life, liberty, and random bullshit, told by bards for you, the internet, because you deserve it, you monster.


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