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Hey, YOU!


Yes, you.  The one with the mouse and keyboard.  (Mobile tablet/laptop/smartphone types need not apply)  Are you perhaps looking for a specific story, but can’t remember what episode it’s in?

(Neither could we 😉 your secret’s safe with me)

Here’s the quick and easy Cheat Sheet

Episode 01: Lots of references, but the only story completed is 90 minutes of Freshmen

Episode 02: Cinnamon Rolls, First Shave, Fire & Brimstone

Episode 03: The 2nd coming, Pranish, Vossler’s TA Time, Coykendall

Episode 04: Hoffco, Delivery, Stan’s Vans, The Fairmount, The Neon, The Microburst, Death of the Ox


Episode 06: 1st Drink, 21st Birthdays, 6 doubleshots of Vodka, The Shitty Couch, Bad Idea Nights, The King’s Cup

Episode 07: The Window Ledge, Creation of The Guild, The Big Condom, Vossler’s ID, John the Good Boy, The Plague

Episode 08: The Alaska Trip, Gigglebees’ Hierarchy, Paul (not lump), Vossler’s Wrist, AJ’s Birth, Ruth’s Morphine Drip

Episode 09: Road Trip: End, Ballad of Istabahn, Chemical Warfare, Phone-a-Friend

Episode 10: Stan’s List, Scrap, AJ’s Fish, Tubby, Vossler’s List, The Rat, Beethoven, Falcon, MOOOOOSE!, Karou, Dale’s List, Maggie Mae, One-Eye, Kitten, Kiki, Kiki’s Children, Moose Neutered, Chester Neutered & Shaved, Princess and the Hot Dog, Momo Attacks

Episode 11:

Episode 12:

Episode 13: (You and I both know I’m not stupid enough to put anything here)

Episode 14: Lance: Origin Story,


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