The Cast

This is a very long list of very important people that Agent L can use to reference who and what we are, you’re welcome.

Stan:  Hey, it’s me.  The one that says “Hello Internet!” in most episodes.  I also am the site manager, and I do the email thing, and post things on Facebook and…well, you get the idea.  I figured I should throw up a Cast of Characters in case anyone got lost about who and what we are.

Tyler: (We had to invoke Rule #6)

Mr. Reid: Susan is a volatile curry eating furball.  I can’t stress this enough, don’t feed him curry, especially after midnight.  Seriously.  He likes long walks on the beach and stealing peoples souls and trapping them on photo paper, forcing them to live out the rest of their lives in a black and white world.  He was our most regular guest star and despite all proof to the contrary this is the real spelling of his name.

Lord Arbor-Duke: The Duke is as tall as a tree, but his bite is worse than his bark.  (We would know, we’ve experienced both).  Avid gamer and connoisseur of all things nerd, he is peerless in his inanity and stoops to no man’s level.

Just don’t taunt him when he’s hungry (Read: All the fricking time), you wouldn’t like him when he’s hungry…

Sir Nathaniel Esquire The Third Esq.: Sir The Third would like you to know that Lancelot was a nance and that real knights ran bootleg rum for hillbillies in the mountains.

Jared uh.. Jared.. … “The North Carolinian”: It’s been so long since I’ve seen him that I forgot his last name.

The Roomba: It sweeps, it scrubs, it cleans, and if potatoes are present it will inevitably make fries.

The Unicorn King: The Unicorn King regularly accomplishes the impossible, and never says how.  He adventures the Dakotas with his dog through the powers of imagination (patent pending).

White Morgan Freeman: Close captioning for the vision impaired.


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